Every NEC member spends every day behind the scenes sorting out UKIP’s minor problems.

Dates of birth

As an example, in the last couple of days (11 and 12 September 2012) I learned that when we transferred data from Access to Subscriber we missed out all the dates of birth. It was even being suggested that such a transfer was impossible.

By the time I had spend an hour or two making phone calls, Dataware had agreed to get the dates transferred, probably free of charge. A problem that started out looking intractable was solved by a little analysis and discussion.



Another example of a minor problem pretending to be a major problem was “Regional representation”. The party for years has agonised about electing the NEC regionally. Much time has been wasted on this idea. The idea cannot work because some regions have many more members than others. Also if we elected the NEC by region then YI would start moaning that they were not represented. And so on.

The solution, based on how YI used to operate, was to arrange for one of the elected members of the NEC to represent each region, and to represent YI and any other bodies that feel a need for representation. I presented this proposal in January 2012 and it was immediately accepted and implemented. I represent Wales. David Coburn offered to represent Scotland. It now only remains for all regions and YI to implement the system.

So there is something I claim to be good at. Taking an apparently intractable problem and, by involving others in the problem, solving. Sometimes, not always.

And BTW I am not suggesting the other candidates cannot do this.






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