You need one person controlling the finance, the objective being is to retain a positive bank balance. In my branch I have this role. In UKIP the Party Treasurer has it. It would be inappropriate for the NEC to usurp this function.



By-elections run by the NEC are IMO being run extravagantly.

My preferred solution is have a by-election budget spreadsheet. Variables to be fed in at the top and budget coming out at the bottom. Some of the variables will represent how strong the branch is. Another variable, supplied by the Treasurer will be how much the party can afford. Another is whether the leader wants this particular by-election to be a target.

The Treasurer should approve the spreadsheet. The NEC should then nod to the spreadsheet. Using a spreadsheet will have the advantage that in future by-election budgets can be prepared quickly. No doubt there will be some trial and error but the system should eventually work well.

There needs to be calm unhurried discussion of principles. --- when there is NO by-election looming.




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