So, in summary, what I have I said?

  • I do some of the detail work.
  • I often stand alone in opposing or challenging ideas on the NEC, stimulating useful debate.
  • I work every day to sort out problems; I can sometimes take a so-called “insoluble problem” and make the solution look obvious.
  • I like to describe what is happening in detail, hoping improvements will emerge by magic.
  • We are building a party. It’s fun. And it’s hard. And it’s our duty to do it.
  • The repute of the party is vital. I want to see an internal audit function under a supervisory board.
  • I will improve the party as much as I can in 3 years and then make way for someone else.
  • It is in the party’s interest that I stay on the NEC for 3 more years.



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