The NEC is a harmonious team of effective businessmen; Toby’s role is "Detail Work". He checked the constitution. He checks the minutes. He helps ensure that decisions are based on full information. In debate, he is willing to be in a minority, so that things get properly considered.

Toby has improved communication between the NEC and the party by starting the NEC’s conference stall, writing the NEC Guide (available to all members), and representing Wales.

Toby champions UKIP newspapers on the NEC. He wants many more delivered.

Toby will never stand as MEP. Rather he is keen to help UKIP become the best party for all UK citizens: “The Listening Party”, “The Supporting Britain Party”. UKIP can do this with its charismatic leadership, by listening, having ambitious but realistic polices, working as a team, being competent, ethical, and in government. Toby believes UKIP has a great future. www.votetoby.org; 01932-873557.





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